Cattery van de Simona’s

Sacred Birmans, our life , our love.

25 years of dedication.

Cattery van de Simona’s

Sacred Birmans, our life , our love.

25 years of dedication.

The Sacred Birman

Nowadays the Sacred Birman is a very popular cat. He has a coat with a full silky structure and a collar of half long hair around his neck. Special characteristic are the cute white socks at their feet. Their Clearblue eyes have an intense look. Birmans are friendly by nature, not socially shy and walk up to visitors to caress. The cat is seldom making sounds and when he does, it sounds very sweet and soft.

The Character

By describing the character of the Sacred Birman you have to take the view that you use common characteristics. The moment you have more Birmans in your house, you will soon see that there is not one equal to another. 

In common the Birman is not a distinct lap-cat although they like to have contact with people. They show this by laying down against their owner or even against visitors. Sometimes they even nibble at your hand , this of course if they are given the chance. They are also sometimes challenging their owner to play with them. As well male as female cats are very good in apporting; although not on command, just only when they feel to do so! 

Sacred Birmans cannot stand being alone for several days. If you are out for whole days to earn the living of your Birman a second Birman can be a solution. It does not have to be a Birman of course. In fact a Birman can get very good together with other animals. You have to take into account however that the Birman is a lively cat and that they are a little dominant compared to other animals. To get the animals really close it is best to put a young animal to a grown cat. 

Sacred Birmans can be very well educated so that they will end up as loving companionable pets. Important is, as with any pet, that you set the rules as of the beginning and stack very consequently to this. As a Birman is very intelligent, you will see that if you are not very consequent on this, she will wind you around her white gloves. If your young cat does something you cannot agree on, you have to scold him. Do not fall into their deep sparkling bleu eyes saying: did I do that? The best method is to reward good behavior. Female cats are generally good mothers. Also males , if they are acquainted and trusted by the mother, will give the kittens 'a clean diaper' if necessary. 

It is a fairy-tale to say that a female cat is just then happy as she has had a nest once. If you have no intentions to breed with the female cat, for example if you cannot spare the time to help the cat to raise her kittens, then you can give her an anti-conception pill after her first being in heat, until she is fully grown. If wanted you can have her sterilized after that. 

For the male cat also applies: To be happy he does not have to stay " complete ". On the contrary: a " complete " male cat, which cannot get enough female cats, can be very restlessness. Have him castrated as soon as he is fully grown (this is approximately after nine months). 

So far this short description of the Sacred Birmans character: although this is of course not a complete overview! As stated in the beginning: each Birman is an individual, but one sure thing is valid for the Sacred Birman, 

'They are the greatest.

The Standard

Character: A loving, gentle and charming cat. 

Structure : Medium in size and everything in the right proportions. 

Legs : Short and firm, round feet. 

Eyes : Deep blue color and not fully round of shape. 

Head : Strong skull with a slightly rounded forehead, fully some what rounded cheeks. 

Chin : Firm, good developed and a correct profile. 

Top and bottom cheek of exact the same size and exact in line 

Nose : Of medium length without stop, but with a slight indentation. 

Ears : Rather small with rounded tips and not placed too upright with substantial skull in between.

Taking Care

The coat of the Sacred Birman will not tangle easy. There fore you can suffice by brushing the cat once a week with comb and brush. In spring you have to comb and brush more often due to the fact that the coat is changing from winter to summer coat. It can do no harm " if your cat likes combing ", to do it more regular. Award the cat with something nice to eat after this combing: It will associate the combing with something nice then. With a little flea comb you can check your cat on fleas. The best remedy against fleas however is: Wash the cat and treat it afterwards with some anti flea remedy.

Sacred Birman , our hobby for 25 years with still the same passion and dedication